Makers Academy is Europe’s leading coding bootcamp. We believe technical education is broken and we want to change that. We help complete beginners to learn the basics of software development and find their first job as junior programmers in world-class companies. We also help companies to attract and select our developers

Launched in February 2013, Makers Academy has graduated more than 650 students, who have gone on to join leading software companies including ThoughtWorks, Lyst, BSkyB, M&S, the Ministry of Justice, Deloitte Digital, TechStars, CompareTheMarket, Financial Times etc.

Our ambition is to help as many people as possible to start a new career in software development, whilst providing companies with an incredible talent pipeline.

Makers Academy is ran as a self-managed company. We'd like to invite you to read about self-setting salaries, building companies based on trust, non-violent communications, hierarchy in a self-managed company, some inspiration from Lao Tzu, our vision, our education manifesto and what mean by Teal.

  • We sometimes watch movies together

  • We get free coffee at the hipster coffee shop across the road

  • We play lots of games

  • We train in Non Violent Communication

  • Everyone has access to private health insurance with Axa PPP

  • Once a year we go on a retreat together